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heart chakra

5 ways to practice self-love this Valentine’s Day

By Yoga

Hi Yogis! It’s the month of all things L-O-V-E – And we’re here to give you some tips on tending to the most important relationship in your life – the one you have with yourself! (Cheesy, I know, but hey. It’s Valentine’s day.) Why not devote this Valentine’s Day to self-love, self-care, and doing all the things that YOU really love? Here are our favourite ways to practice self-love. Treat yo’self! Take a leaf out of Donna and Tom’s book…

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Want more love in your life? Here’s how to open your heart chakra.

By Asana, Dublin, Wellbeing, Yoga, YogaHub

Anahata – the heart chakra Here we are – chakra number four! Anahata, more commonly known as the heart chakra, is situated in the centre of your chest. Radiating out from both the front body and the back body, Anahata marks the movement from a more physical element to a more spiritual one as we travel up through the chakra system. We feel a lot of vulnerability in the heart chakra, and so we often close it off and guard…

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