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pitta dosha

Pitta Dosha Explained – The Productive Perfectionist

By Asana, Ayurveda, Food, HappyFood, Healthy, Mindfulness, Vegan, Wellbeing, Yoga

Pitta Dosha Explained The Productive Perfectionist What is the Pitta Dosha? We’ve already explored what it means to be aware of our ayurvedic dosha type, why it’s important for us to remain balanced, and also taken a look at the Vata dosha type in detail. If you’ve taken the tests you might now be aware if you’re Vata, Pitta, or Kapha. If not, you can find out here. This week we’re exploring the Pitta dosha! Pitta Dosha Attributes Pitta dosha…

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The Good News About Cancer

By Mindfulness, Wellbeing

    I love these infographics. Yoga is Preventative Medicine. Anything that involves us actively taking time out for ourselves is preventative medicine. We know what is bad for us and we know what is good whether we’re listening or not. I know that it is sometimes hard to stop, to reflect because some of the things that are underlying we don’t want to come up. That is why they are underlying. Could these underlying feelings (samskaras) be described as…

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