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Nico Luce

What is Yoga? Nico Luce tells Matt from YogaHub

By Asana, Dublin, Matt Quigley, Teachers, Yoga, YogaHub

We recorded this, albeit rushed, the first time Nico Luce visited last year just before I brought him to the airport. I contacted Nico to see if he had an available weekend to travel to Dublin to teach and about 2 weeks later we met for the first time! It was the only weekend he had free for 6 months and we just said ‘Screw it, let’s do it’. At that point I thought this guy is going to suit…

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An Interview with Nico Luce at the Yoga Hub Dublin

By Asana, Dublin, Ireland, Mindfulness, Teachers, Workshops, Yoga

Nico Luce joined us at the Yoga Hub Dublin for a weekend of Workshops. What a weekend! So informative, so clear, so accessible. It was a joy to host and everyone who attended where already asking when he is coming back. There was so much we could have talked about but we were pressed for time as we had to get him to the airport. Questions asked in this interview include What is Yoga to You? Where to start as…

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