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I Breathe… but then what?

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We are always told to come back to the breath. It’s the go-to of meditation. It is the yogic prana, a.k.a. our life force. So, sure, we can slow down the breath. We can count to 4,5, or even 8 on our inhale, and count to the same number on our exhale. We can feel the movement in our lungs, in our ribs, even in our bellies. But what about when a thought comes in anyway? What about that wrinkle between…

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The Chakra Series: Ajna (Third Eye)

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Where it is: Eyes, Brain, Pineal Gland Colour: Blue Element: Light Mantra: Om Qualities: Intuition, Mental Clarity, Intelligence, Spirituality, Learning, Wisdom This is the sixth chakra. It is centred around the eyes, the brain, and the pineal gland. It is the seat of our intuition, our sight, insight, wisdom, and spirituality. This is where we gain insights from our life experiences and where we draw information through our seeing. When we listen to our intuition and keep ourselves mentally clear,…

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10 Ways to Practice Yoga in the Office

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10 Ways To Practice Yoga in the Office *** Ok, so your office doesn’t exactly include being able to ‘quit the day job’ and fulfill your lifelong dream of becoming a yoga instructor yet on the list of holiday options. That’s ok. These things take time, (and money!). We all know what it’s like to sit uncomfortably at a desk for hours at a time, secure in the knowledge that next month’s rent will be payable, yet physically itching to…

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Did You Find Calm In The Chaos?

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Since we released our video of Rachelle meditating around Dublin we’ve been getting a lot of questions! Art sat down with her post Copper Face Jacks to chat about the calm (and the chaos) she experienced. We hope our project might have inspired you to find some calm, whether you’re on the Ha’penny Bridge or getting your Yoga on at YogaHub 🙂 “In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you”. – Deepak Chopra

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The Transformational Effect of Yoga and Mindfulness

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Can you feel it yet? A palpable shift in people’s perceptions. Our priorities are changing. We want fit healthy bodies and fit healthy minds. So many people are getting involved in yoga for precisely those reasons and once they are on the mat they realise there is a bit more depth than at first meets the eye. So many of us are interested in health, fitness and well-being these days. It is across generations, not just one demographic. We are…

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Back by popular demand: Introduction to Meditation Workshop

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Date: Saturday 22nd September 2012 Time: 1.30pm Workshop must be payed for in advance and can be purchased HERE Still Life: Asana practice, the physical poses we perform on the mat during our yoga classes, are just one of the many facets or “limbs” of the all-encompassing spiritual science of traditional yoga. Yoga is a living process that radiates far beyond the mat to include the practices of Pranayama, Yoga Nidra and Meditation. Pranayama which literally translates as breath/life force…

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Marta Bunikowska hosts Workshop: Every Breath You Take, Sunday 12th August@1.30pm

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‘When the breath wanders the mind also is unsteady. But when the breath is calmed the mind too will be still, and the yogi achieves long life. Therefore, one should learn to control the breath’. Hatha Yoga Pradipika In this workshop I will teach the basics of breathing as you flow through the postures starting with short flows including Sun Salutations. The practise is based on my study in Chennai last year and my own practise. You will notice how…

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