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Why we chant ‘Om’ in yoga

By Beginners, Laura Linehan, Mindfulness, Wellbeing

A lot of beginners and experienced yogis alike can find it uncomfortable and a little bit strange when they are invited by their teacher to chant ‘om’ at the beginning or end of a yoga class. For many people who go to yoga for the more physical benefits, it might be tempting to completely dismiss this aspect of yoga. But when you understand the meaning behind it, you might find a whole new depth in the practice of saying ‘om’…

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Intro to Vedic Chant Part 1 Saturday OCT 13 ~ Part 2 Saturday OCT 20

By Meditation, Mindfulness, Teachers, Workshops, Yoga

Teacher: Paul Whelan, Absolute Yoga In April of 2009 Paul became a Certified Vedic Chant Teacher having studied and qualified with the KYM Vedavani, Chennai, India. He continued his studies with Vedavani in November 2010 in the KYm at Chennai, India where he had the privilege to study with Mr.Desikachar. In December 2011- January 2012 Paul practiced Ashtanga Yogin Mysore and also studied a number of Upanishads with Prof. Jayashree on a one-to-one basis each evening during his stay. Times:  3pm-5pm…

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Yoga Beyond the Mat Workshop Bank Holiday Monday Aug 6th@2pm

By Meditation, Mindfulness, Pranayama, Teachers, Workshops, Yoga

An introduction to Chanting, Pranayama and Meditation Teacher: Aiden Condron Duration: 2 hours Maximum for this Workshop: 10 people Price: €25 Asana practice, the physical poses we perform on the mat during our yoga classes, are just one of the many facets or “limbs” of the all-encompassing spiritual science of traditional yoga. Yoga is a living process that radiates far beyond the mat to include the practices of Chanting based on the principles of vibrational medicine, where the primordial sound…

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