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5 Reasons to take a Reformer Class

By Yoga

Never taken a Reformer Pilates class before? Here’s what you need to know! So what makes Reformer Pilates different from Mat Pilates? Well the one notable difference is that the classes take place on a Reformer Bed, pictured below. Looks a bit scary I know! However this wonderful machine offers so many extra benefits to a Pilates practice. A Full Body Workout The use of the Reformer Bed targets arms and legs while working the core. This increases full body…

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Welcoming Hannah Johari to the Yoga Hub Family

By Teachers

I was a student of Pilates for 4 years before committing myself to get my qualification and start teaching. I decided to start teaching Pilates as it had such a positive effect on my life and I wanted to pass that on to others.  Pilates was originally named “contrology”, it consisted of 34 matwork movements which have been modified over the years but the core of the exercises remain the same. Joseph Pilates himself said “In 10 sessions you’ll feel…

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