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Wabi Sabi and Yoga

By Mindfulness, Yoga

Wabi-sabi, is that the green paste that lurks in my sushi box It is not Japanese horseradish but a Japanese art form that is compatible with the two great philosophies of Taoism & Zen Buddhism and it sits beautifully with how I see Yoga. The word wabi used to mean poverty but post 14th century it became connected not with the absence of material possession but non dependence on it; not unlike the yoga principles of detachment and equanimity. If…

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Last Night Round at the Hub

By Dublin, Teachers, Yoga

Last night we rolled ourselves out and as we lay supine we lovingly rocked around the edges of our heart shape bone from North to South and East to West; we drew the sweetness of the inhale from crown to tail and the lightness of the exhale from muladahara to sahaswara. We flowed like light and gave love, gave our hearts away (to the sound of McYogi). We placed our hands under our hearts, yielded to the softness of the…

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Dive Deep & Flow

By Mindfulness, Motivational, Teachers, Yoga

The more we practice yoga the more parts of ourselves we discover. The physical body with it’s muscles, bones, ligaments and joints acts as a map that leads us to understand how the interrelations between these structures helps us to optimally align.  Optimal alignment connects our postures in a fluid way. Knowing there is a stable base we can extend out and explore new edges and layers (kosha) of ourselves. We follow the current, diving deeper into the vastness of…

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