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Yoga Vocabulary: Savasana

By Asana, Dublin, Ireland, Meditation, Mindfulness, Rachelle Hicks, Restorative, Wellbeing, Yoga, YogaHub

You know it well. For some of you, it’s your favourite part of a yoga class. It’s that super delicious time at the end of a practice when you lay on your back and drift into nothing-ness. Time for Savasana. The word Savasana is actually 2 Sanskrit words, Sava and Asana. Sava translates as “corpse” and Asana translates as “pose”. So, at the end of a class, when you’re ready to completely let go and do blissful nothing, you are in a “corpse pose”. The purpose…

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5 Benefits of Restorative Yoga

By Dublin, Healthy, Meditation, Mindfulness, Rachelle Hicks, Restorative, Workshops, Yoga, YogaHub

Restorative classes and restorative poses have a reputation for being so yummy. They’re like the dessert of yoga. It sometimes makes you wonder: Can something that feels so nice be good for you? Here are a few practical examples of how a restorative practice can benefit you mentally, emotionally, and physiologically. 1 Repairs the body and nervous system. The beautiful slow-motion pace of a restorative practice, coupled with an intimate experience with the breath, can help to drop us drop…

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Your Body On Meditation

By Dublin, Healthy, Ireland, Meditation, Mindfulness, Motivational, Rachelle Hicks, Restorative, Wellbeing, Yoga, YogaHub

You may have heard that doing just 5 minutes of meditation a day can greatly improve your health. We all know that it’s good for us, but what does it actually do? It decreases stress. Stress is something that is experienced when the brain interprets a situation as being threatening or demanding. All situations, however, are neutral. They are a state of being. The way a person interprets a situation is what can potentially cause stress, if interpreted negatively. The…

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I Breathe… but then what?

By Dublin, Healthy, Ireland, Meditation, Mindfulness, Motivational, Pranayama, Rachelle Hicks, Restorative, Wellbeing, Yoga, YogaHub

We are always told to come back to the breath. It’s the go-to of meditation. It is the yogic prana, a.k.a. our life force. So, sure, we can slow down the breath. We can count to 4,5, or even 8 on our inhale, and count to the same number on our exhale. We can feel the movement in our lungs, in our ribs, even in our bellies. But what about when a thought comes in anyway? What about that wrinkle between…

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How Yoga Can Enhance Creativity and Productivity

By Asana, Dublin, Mindfulness, Motivational, Music, Restorative, Teachers, Wellbeing, Yoga, YogaHub

How Yoga Can Enhance Creativity and Productivity, in Business or Otherwise “I am burdened with what the Buddhists call the ‘monkey mind’ – the thoughts that swing from limb to limb, stopping only to scratch themselves, spit and howl’ – Elizabeth Gilbert *It’s often been observed that a regular yoga practice can help promote creativity and a more productive and efficient work ethic, allowing practitioners to excel in their various specialized fields and carry out work with a clearer, more…

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5 Questions To Help Bring You Back to This Moment

By Asana, Healthy, Meditation, Mindfulness, Motivational, Restorative, Students, Teachers, Wellbeing, Yoga

5 Questions That Will Bring You Back to This Moment  ‘The time will come when, With elation, You will greet yourself arriving At your own door, in your own mirror, And each will smile at the other’s welcome, And say, sit here. Eat. You will love again the stranger who was yourself. Give wine. Give bread. Give back your heart To itself, to the stranger who has loved you all your life, whom you ignored For another, who knows you…

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Mindfulness and Me. One Simple Tip That Helped Me Might Help You.

By Meditation, Mindfulness, Restorative, Wellbeing, Yoga, YogaHub

  A few months ago I had an episode which was the beginning of the change in my life for the better. I had pretty much  3 years of perpetual ‘fight-or-flight mode’ from when I started YogaHub right up until this day. I think it was back in March. This episode was brought about by everything becoming more organised and under control. The managers had joined YogaHub and roles were delegated out and everything around me was calming down and…

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Electric Picnic Recovery with YogaHub

By Dublin, Humour, Ireland, Meditation, Mindfulness, Motivational, Music, Restorative, Wellbeing, YogaHub

  Water. Drink it, splash it on your face, rub it on your elbows, submerge yourself. Hydrate Fully.   Get clean. 3 or more baths are not too many!   Rest your ears. After a weekend of aural bliss, be kind to your hearing. Ears also love blankets and pillows and massages.   Focus on the simple things. Like tea and chickpeas and hermit crabs.   Laugh! Avoid the festival comedown by watching a movie, telling stories, or looking at…

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