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Kapalabhati Breathwork Yoga Breathing

Kapalabhati Breath to Energise and Invigorate

By Beginners, Laura Linehan, Pranayama, Subtle Body

As the weather changes and there’s a little less sunshine in our days, it’s natural for our energy to change in response to our environment. For many of us, that means having a little less energy as the brain is less stimulated which can change our mood and thought patterns.  Kapalabhati is a breathing technique to help kick your slump by energising and invigorating the breath and the entire body with it. It is a series of rapid exhales with…

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Flexibility Vs. Strength In Yoga

By Asana, Dublin, Ireland, Mindfulness, Motivational, Rachelle Hicks, Students, Teachers, Wellbeing, Yoga, YogaHub

There are so many people who start yoga with the intention of gaining flexibility. While this is a huge benefit from keeping a consistent yoga practice, it’s not the only thing thing that your body will gain from learning asanas and yoga sequences. Would you believe that, in terms of keeping a sustainable, healthy yoga practice, strength building is equally as important as gaining flexibility? There is a saying from a book written more than 1,700 years ago in regards…

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vata dosha

Vata Dosha Explained – The Anxious Creative

By Ayurveda, Food, Healthy, Yoga

Vata Dosha Explained The Anxious Creative What is the Vata dosha? Our last post explained what it means to be aware of our ayurvedic dosha type, and why it’s important for us to remain balanced. If you’ve taken the tests you might now be aware if you’re Vata, Pitta, or Kapha type. If not, you can find out here. This week we’re exploring what it means to be a Vata-dominant type!   Vata Dosha Attributes Those with a dominant Vata…

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The Importance of Counterposes in Yoga

By Dublin, Motivational, Teachers, Wellbeing, Yoga, YogaHub

One important aspect of yoga that is a rarely explained yet consistent feature of any class is the correct sequencing of counterposes. Used to neutralize the effects of certain strenuous (and some not so strenuous!) or deeply-held asanas, counterposes are vital to ensure we not only receive maximum pranic (energetic) benefits from our practice, but also to physically balance out our muscles, tissues and joints to avoid over-extension and return our bodies back to their natural state. Counterposes in Yoga …

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I’m a Shiny New Yoga Teacher – Here’s 5 Things I Know

By Dublin, Ireland, Motivational, Teachers, Wellbeing, Yoga

I’m a Shiny New Yoga Teacher – Here’s 5 Things I Know (And More Importantly Some Things I Don’t Know) The first thing you will realise at the beginning of any yoga teacher training course, no matter how many years you’ve been practicing yoga or in how many different countries you’ve travelled, classes you’ve attended or new styles you’ve tried, is how little you actually know about it. Don’t get me wrong here; I simply mean that there is just…

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8 Ways to Cultivate a Home Yoga Practice

By Dublin, Motivational, Wellbeing, Yoga

8 Ways to Cultivate a Home Yoga Practice  You asked – and we have provided! Last week we asked what topics you Yogahubbers would like to see more of on the blog, and a surprising amount of you expressed an interest in learning more about how to more effectively cultivate a home yoga practice. While there’s nothing that can quite replicate attending your favourite class or a certain teacher’s weekly flow, sometimes we simply cannot make it into the studio…

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How Yoga Can Enhance Creativity and Productivity

By Asana, Dublin, Mindfulness, Motivational, Music, Restorative, Teachers, Wellbeing, Yoga, YogaHub

How Yoga Can Enhance Creativity and Productivity, in Business or Otherwise “I am burdened with what the Buddhists call the ‘monkey mind’ – the thoughts that swing from limb to limb, stopping only to scratch themselves, spit and howl’ – Elizabeth Gilbert *It’s often been observed that a regular yoga practice can help promote creativity and a more productive and efficient work ethic, allowing practitioners to excel in their various specialized fields and carry out work with a clearer, more…

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