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Pose of the Day Purvottanasana (East Stretch Posture)

By Asana, Yoga

Haven’t put up a blog in a while now. Claire has been super busy prettying up the website and making it much more user-friendly and I’ve been busy getting my head around trying to make this Yoga Hub idea work. These blogs are a funny thing and for your SEO (Google marketing stuff) you’re told you need one. I kept one for the Outdoor Yoga project which is still knocking around the internet somewhere and at that stage I  didn’t…

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Marta Bunikowska hosts Workshop: Every Breath You Take, Sunday 12th August@1.30pm

By Mindfulness, Pranayama, Restorative, Teachers, Workshops, Yoga

‘When the breath wanders the mind also is unsteady. But when the breath is calmed the mind too will be still, and the yogi achieves long life. Therefore, one should learn to control the breath’. Hatha Yoga Pradipika In this workshop I will teach the basics of breathing as you flow through the postures starting with short flows including Sun Salutations. The practise is based on my study in Chennai last year and my own practise. You will notice how…

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Yoga Beyond the Mat Workshop Bank Holiday Monday Aug 6th@2pm

By Meditation, Mindfulness, Pranayama, Teachers, Workshops, Yoga

An introduction to Chanting, Pranayama and Meditation Teacher: Aiden Condron Duration: 2 hours Maximum for this Workshop: 10 people Price: €25 Asana practice, the physical poses we perform on the mat during our yoga classes, are just one of the many facets or “limbs” of the all-encompassing spiritual science of traditional yoga. Yoga is a living process that radiates far beyond the mat to include the practices of Chanting based on the principles of vibrational medicine, where the primordial sound…

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Welcoming Hannah Johari to the Yoga Hub Family

By Teachers

I was a student of Pilates for 4 years before committing myself to get my qualification and start teaching. I decided to start teaching Pilates as it had such a positive effect on my life and I wanted to pass that on to others.  Pilates was originally named “contrology”, it consisted of 34 matwork movements which have been modified over the years but the core of the exercises remain the same. Joseph Pilates himself said “In 10 sessions you’ll feel…

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Welcoming Brendan Harold to the Yoga Hub Family

By Yoga

I tried my first yoga class more than 10 years ago. Why? Because Madonna was doing it! Sad but true! But I didn’t manage to stick it, attended 2 classes out of a course of 6. My yoga career was temporarily on pause. Fast forward 3 years, at the height of my running career and my return from the UK to Ireland, and yoga knocked on my door once again. Or more like I knocked on yoga’s door! Years of…

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