Metta Bhavana: Part I

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You can do this right now. Really, you can. It’s step 1 of Metta Bhavana.   Close your eyes and say to yourself, May I be well. May I be happy. May I be peaceful. May I be filled with love and kindness.   How did that feel? Was it weird? Okay, do it again. Close your eyes and imagine you’re having a really deep conversation with yourself. You’ve just sat down for a long-awaited coffee with You. Or, better…

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3 Things You Should Know before Opening a Yoga Studio (Or Any Other Business)

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Holy Cow where do I even start? We’re 14 months old at our new studio in Dublin City Centre. In this space of time we’ve grown from me running around teaching Yoga and employing a few other teachers to thankfully having a management team of 5 full-time, quite a few part-time reception staff and over 30 teachers. On top of that there are 2 full time employees running Happy Food (our Vegan Cafe) with part time member of staff helping…

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The Transformational Effect of Yoga and Mindfulness

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Can you feel it yet? A palpable shift in people’s perceptions. Our priorities are changing. We want fit healthy bodies and fit healthy minds. So many people are getting involved in yoga for precisely those reasons and once they are on the mat they realise there is a bit more depth than at first meets the eye. So many of us are interested in health, fitness and well-being these days. It is across generations, not just one demographic. We are…

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Electric Picnic Recovery with YogaHub

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  Water. Drink it, splash it on your face, rub it on your elbows, submerge yourself. Hydrate Fully.   Get clean. 3 or more baths are not too many!   Rest your ears. After a weekend of aural bliss, be kind to your hearing. Ears also love blankets and pillows and massages.   Focus on the simple things. Like tea and chickpeas and hermit crabs.   Laugh! Avoid the festival comedown by watching a movie, telling stories, or looking at…

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Make Your Own Pesto!

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It’s like when you opted for the potted parsley or basil instead of the packaged herb—what do you do with the rest before winter bites?! Make your own pesto! Sharable, munchable, delectable. A million times Yummm. Ingredients: 2 cups fresh Basil Leaves ½ cup fresh Parsley (flat- or curly-leaf) 1/3 cup Pine Nuts ½ cup grated Parmesan ½ cup Olive Oil 2 Garlic Cloves (minced) Salt and Pepper to taste Combine Basil, Parsley, and Pine Nuts in a blender or…

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Irish Sunburn Soother Bath

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It’s happened to the best of us. After weeks of clouds, wind, and rain like perpetual spit, Dublin gets its long-awaited summer day. You toss the jumper and winter boots to the far side of the room, and don something that will allow your limbs to feel air for the first time in months. Stepping out into the open, you get that yummy feeling akin to holidays. The day is so refreshing that you imagine it a possibility to take…

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Are Meggings Cool?

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The age old question; Are Meggings cool? According to Macmillan dictionary Meggings are defined as leggings for men. A blend of the words ‘Men’ and ‘Leggings’ Simply put it is a fashion trend which started in Tokyo and has rapidly taken men’s fashion by storm around the world. But are they cool? Let’s explore. 1. 2. 3. Meggings.  I think the Jury is still out on this one! Or you could just………………        

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5 Benefits of Yoga to your Workout

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The gym has always been a constant in my life but in recent months I have started going to Yoga in YogaHub. I began attending two classes a week at YogaHub and before I knew it I was addicted. 3 or 4 weeks into the two practicies I was surprised to find the huge amount of crossovers between yoga and the gym. The longer I practiced yoga and attended the gym the more benefits I found yoga brought to my workout….

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Andy Dunphy – My First Yoga Class

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As a marketing intern in a Yoga studio it is very important to have a wide depth of knowledge on the service you are providing, with this in mind I was tasked with my first yoga class. I packed my bag the night before with the essentials and thought about the silly worst-case scenarios. The morning of the class I was looking forward to it and before I knew it was time for class so I got changed my clothing…

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Bikram Yoga vs Hot Yoga – 5 Differences between Bikram Yoga and Hot Yoga

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When I began Hot Yoga the teacher asked me had I tried Hot Yoga before and my reply was “Ye I tried Bikram a few times”. I was quickly and quietly corrected on my statement like a bold child before getting a lesson on the wide array of differences between the two practices. I spent a month practicing Bikram Yoga before I dropped out and I have been practicing core yoga and Hot Yoga now for about 6 weeks, the…

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