The Good News About Cancer

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    I love these infographics. Yoga is Preventative Medicine. Anything that involves us actively taking time out for ourselves is preventative medicine. We know what is bad for us and we know what is good whether we’re listening or not. I know that it is sometimes hard to stop, to reflect because some of the things that are underlying we don’t want to come up. That is why they are underlying. Could these underlying feelings (samskaras) be described as…

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Dive Deep & Flow

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The more we practice yoga the more parts of ourselves we discover. The physical body with it’s muscles, bones, ligaments and joints acts as a map that leads us to understand how the interrelations between these structures helps us to optimally align.  Optimal alignment connects our postures in a fluid way. Knowing there is a stable base we can extend out and explore new edges and layers (kosha) of ourselves. We follow the current, diving deeper into the vastness of…

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Still Life: An Introduction to Meditation

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STILL LIFE An Introduction to Yoga Nidra, Pranayama & Meditation A workshop with Aiden Condron In association with WHAT IS YOGA? Yoga is a spiritual science developed over thousands of years by the sages of India. The Sanskrit word yoga has the literal meaning “to yoke”, from the root yuj meaning to join, to unite, harmonise. Yoga is comprised of eight ‘limbs’ as set down by the great sage and father of yoga Patanjali in the 10th century. These are:…

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